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20 Years of the Global Health Track

Dept. of Family Medicine and Community Health, Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Compiled by Masahiro Morikawa, MD, MPH

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GHT activities highlights

Residents activities




  • First version of international H handbook
  • Type A elective in CWRU SOM

Handbook “Surgical Care of the war wounded”

Handbook “International Health Handbook” (1st edition)

M. Morikawa, S. Taylor, M. Persons. Deaths and injuries due to unexploded ordnance (UXO) in northern Lao, PDR (Laos). Injury 1998; 29: 301-304

M. Morikawa. Changing role of civilian surgeons in conflicts: A meta-analysis of epidemiological data. Medicine, Conflict and Survival 1998; 14: 237-242

M. Morikawa. Legacy of the Secret War: Medical Needs in the UXO Contaminated Areas in Laos. Journal of American Board of Family Practice 1998; 11: 485-486


  • Kosovo primary pediatric care
  • IDP clinic in Kosovo after the war

Handbook Kosovo Primary Care Handbook”


REPORT:Kosovo 3-99

REPORT: Kosovo 5-01


  • Nord Grant course, “International Health Practice” at SOM
  • CNIS Essential Surgery workshop

Dr. Laura Dorr (GHT 2000) to Kosovo

Dr. Shan Mohammed (GHT 2000) to Mae Sot, Thailand

Dr. Nova Law (GHT 2002) to Kumasi, Ghana

Amal Al-Buraki (GHT 2001) to Saudi Arabia

HK. Armenian, M. Morikawa, AK. Melkonian, AP. Hovanesian, N. Haroutunian, PA. Saigh, K. Akiskal, HS. Akiskal. Loss as a determinant of PTSD in a cohort of adult survivors of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 2000; 102: 58-64


  • Refugee medicine course at Khon Kaen University, Thailand
  • Lecture in Tokyo at CCM
  • Visiting professor, Dept of Pediatrics, Prizren, Kosovo
  • JICA consultant in Honduras
  • Kosovo evaluation for KinderBerg International

M. Morikawa. Upper respiratory infection in acute pediatric care in internal conflict, Kosovo, 1999. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 2001; 47: 379-382

Medical Advisory Board, KinderBerg International


REPORT: Kosovo 5-01

REPORT: Honduras 11-01

REPORT: Kosovo 12-01


  • Refugee medicine course at Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Bethune Round Table for International Surgery in Toronto
  • APAMSA national conference speaker, St. Louis, MO
  • Kabul for primary care clinic assessment for KBI

Dr. David Bivins (GHT 2002) to central Morocco

Poster, “Primary Pediatric Training in Kosovo” at GHC, Washington, DC, May

HK. Armenian, M. Morikawa, AK. Melkonian, A. Hovanesian, K. Akiskal, HS. Akiskal. Risk factors for depression in the Survivors of the 1988 Earthquake in Armenia.  Journal of Urban Health 2002; 79: 373-382


Report: GHC poster 5-02

REPORT: Afghan 12-02


  • APAMSA speaker in NYC
  • KBI HQ in Stuttgart for project implementation planning

Dr. Julia Son (GHT 2003) to Kenya

AMICI lecture, “primary care training in war-torn countries”

MJ. Morikawa. Primary Care Training in Kosovo. Family Medicine 2003; 35: 440-444


  • Refugee medicine course in Damascus, Syria

Dr. Anisa Ssengoba (GHT 2004) to Uganda

Mid-Career Award by NE Fam Med Consortium

MJ. Morikawa. Curriculum for Complex Humanitarian Emergencies in medical school and residency program is urgently needed. Medical Education 2004;38:1309

REPORT: Syria 01-04


  • Primary care clinics in Logar, Afghanistan

Dr. Bobby Singh (GHT 2005) to Thailand

Dr. Swee Ng (GHT 2007) to Malaysia

Presentation, “PHC in CHE” at AAFP GH Workshop, Portland, ME

MJ. Morikawa. Prevalence of antibiotic use for acute respiratory infection in a primary care clinic in post-war Kabul province, Afghanistan. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 2005;25:182-183

Medical Director & Vice Chair, KinderBerg International, e.V.

REPORT: Afghan 2-05


  • JICA consultant for MCH in Guatemala
  • Started annual “International Health Workshop” for residents

  • Invited to Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) conference at Dartmouth, NH

  • Plenary speaker, “primary care in post-conflict communities” at APCDM, Tokyo

Dr. Aaron Lear (GHT 2006) to El Salvador

Dr. Craig Marshall (GHT 2006) to Uganda

Mt. Sinai Global Health conference keynote, “Explosive Remnants of War (ERW): a silent emergency”

Invited for Columbia medical student group on surgical skills in global health

MJ. Morikawa. Need for ‘conflict version’ of primary surgery: war surgery in the era of low-intensity conflicts. International Surgery 2006;91:129-140


Report: Aaron 06


  • JICA consultant for MCH in Guatemala
  • Primary surgery at Maoist child soldier camp in southern Nepal

Drs. Kerry Lecky (GHT 2008) and Hisam Goueli (GHT 2009) workshop presentation at AAFP Global Health conference, Tucson, AZ

Dr. Sujaya Vijayakumar (GHT 2007), Kate Conway (GHT 2008), Isabelle Lane (GHT 2008), Kerry Lecky (GHT 2008), Hisam Goueli (GHT 2009), to Guatemala

MJ. Morikawa. Health care needs in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies. Journal of Humanitarian Medicine 2007;VII:8-9

MJ. Morikawa, Andreas Settje. Chronic pain syndrome among young Maoist combatants in Nepal. (BMJ letter to the editor at


REPORT: Nepal 11-07


  • JICA consultant for MCH in Guatemala
  • Consultant for Japan Development Bank for Vietnam

  • KBI HQ for MCH workshop

Drs. Kerry Lecky (GHT 2008), Hisam Goueli (GHT 2009), Emma Brooks (GHT 2009), and Sandy Thomas (GHT 2008) to Guatemala

Hisam Goueli (GHT 2009) to Nepal

MJ. Morikawa. Effect of security threats on primary care access in Logar province, Afghanistan. Medicine, Conflict and Survival 2008;24:59-64

Handbook “International Health Handbook” (2nd  edition)

REPORT: Emma GUA 2008 and GUA JICA 08

REPORT: Vietnam 8-08

REPORT: Afghan 10-08


  • Kabul for MOU signing with MOH/KBI

Handbook “International Health Handbook” (3rd  edition)


  • GBSD workshop in Nashville, TN
  • MCH workshop for KBI HQ
  • ED training in Ulchinji, Montenegro

  • Northern Afghanistan for MCH training

Plenary speaker in Cincinnati Global Health seminar

REPORT: Afghan 9-10

REPORT: Afghan 12-10


  • KBI HQ for MCH training/EMR

Dr. Ankoor Soni (GHT 2011) to Thailand

Dr. Todd Wagner (GHT 2011) to South Africa

Educator of the year, OAFP

MJ. Morikawa, S. Schneider, S. Becker, S. Lipovac. Primary care in post-conflict rural northern Afghanistan. Public Health 2011;125:55-59

Handbook “International Health Handbook” (4th  edition)


  • KBI HQ for long term planning and post-conflict transition
  • Guatemala with Mercado Global (MG)

Drs. Nek Nazary and Melanie Golembiewski (both GHT 2013) conducted workshop at AAFP Global Health conference, Minneapolis, MN

Drs. Nek Nazary,  Melanie Golembiewski (GHT 2013), Umair Malik, Alex Howard, and Aisha Al-Kubaisi (GHT 2014) to Guatemala

Exemplary Teacher award, AAFP

Asher chair at UHCMC


  • Chiang Rai family medicine training with Dr. Daranee Intralawan (GHT 2010)
  • Guatemala for project planning

  • Korogwe, Tanzania for PPP

  • Power to change implementation in Guatemala with MG

Drs. Aisha Al-Kibaisi (GHT 2014), Prakash Ganesh (GHT 2015) and Hisam Goueli (GHT 2009) to Guatemala

Drs. Umair Malik (GHT 2014) and Prakash Ganesh (GHT 2015) presented poster at AAFP Global Health, Baltimore, MD

M. Morikawa, A. Polanc, S. Becker. Continuous weight and height gain among at-risk children discharged from supplementary feeding center in Kabul, Afghanistan. ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition 2013;5:97-99

W. Liaw, A. Bazemore, I. Xierali, J. Walden, P. Diller, MJ. Morikawa. The association between global health training and underserved care: early findings from two longstanding tracks. Fam Med 2013;45(4):263-267

Handbook “Global Health Handbook” (5th edition)

Asher Professor in Family Medicine & Community Health, SOM CWRU

Report: THAI 2-13


GHT Newsletter Vol 1 2013


  • Chiang Rai family medicine training with Dr. Daranee Intralawan (GHT 2010)
  • Keynote speaker, Disaster Medicine conference in Tokyo
  • Guatemala “Power to Change” implementation with MG
  • China bedside teaching
  • GUA participatory evaluation
  • Invited speaker in Japanese Society for International Health, Tokyo

Drs. Umair Malik (GHT 2014) and Kerry Lecky (GHT 2009) to Thailand

Dr. Alex Howard (GHT 2014), Aaron Lear (GHT 2006), and Hisam Goueli (GHT 2009) to Guatemala

Drs. Aisha Al-Kubaisi (GHT 2014) and Ferzana Ali (GHT 2015) presented a poster at Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) annual meeting in Washington, DC

AAFP National Conference to present global health, “Family Medicine Principles you need to know for global health”, Kansas City




GHT Newsletter vol 2 2014


  • Chiang Rai family medicine training with Dr. Daranee Intralawan (GHT 2010)
  • China bedside teaching
  • Health education in Guatemala with MG

  • JICA consultant for Peace-building in Darfur, Sudan

  • Tabora, Tanzania as PPP consultant

  • Health check up I  for MG

Drs. Kerry Lecky (GHT 2008) and Alex Howard (GHT 2014) to Thailand

Dr. Alex Howard (GHT 2014) to China

Drs. Sara Sweeney and Aditi Naidu (both GHT 2016) to Guatemala

Sara Sweeney, Aditi Naidu (GHT 2016), Bart Rog, Ninu Singh (GHT 2017) to Guatemala

MJ Morikawa. Family medicine: Global health in practice. Fam Med & Comm Health 2015;3(3):37-40

Handbook “Global Health Handbook” (6th edition)




REPORT: Sudan 5-15


Report: GUA 9-15

Report: Sudan 11-15

GHT Newsletter Vol 3 2015


  • Chiang Rai family medicine training with Dr. Daranee Intralawan (GHT 2010)
  • China bedside teaching

  • Guatemala, health checkup II with MG

  • Malawi for district hospital teaching with Dr. Prakash Ganesh (GHT 2015)

  • External examiner, AA University, Sudan

Report: THAI 2-16

Report: CHINA 16

Report: GUA 4-16

Report: Malawi 10-16

Report: Sudan 12-16

GHT Newsletter Vol 4 2016


  • Chiang Rai family medicine training with Dr. Daranee Intralawan (GHT 2010)
  • GUA health education
  • China bedside teaching
  • Keynote speaker at JANAMEF annual seminar, Tokyo
  • Shinyanga, Tanzania for district hospital training
  • Ntchisi, Malawi for district hospital training with Dr. Prakash Ganesh (GHT 2015)

Dr. Aaron Lear (GHT 2006) to Guatemala

Dr. Grant Potter (GH 2018) to Tanzania

Ostergaard memorial lecture recipient, delivered my talk, “Global Primary Care and Family Medicine” AAFP Global Health conference, Houston

RS. Mfaume, GP. Kamba, MJ. Morikawa. “Job retention among healthcare workers in Tabora Province, Tanzania” International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health 2017; 4(7):2258-2260

M Morikawa. Pondering over medical education in a desert. MedEdPublish 2017 DOI:

Handbook “Global Health Practice Handbook” (7th edition)

MJ Morikawa (Ed) (2017) Handbook for General Medicine Residents (1st edition) People’s Republic of China, Beijing, China (ISBN 978-7-117-24209-7)

Report: Thai 1-17

Report: GUA 2-17

Report: China 17

Report: Tan 11-17

Report: Malawi 12-17

GHT Newsletter Vol 5


  • Chiang Rai family medicine training with Dr. Daranee Intralawan (GHT 2010) as Fulbright Specialist
  • China Bedside training

  • Shinyanga, Tanzania for district hospital training

Dr. Grant Potter (GHT 2018) to Tanzania

Keynote speaker at global health conference in Central Florida University, SOM

Handbook ‘Fulbright Family Medicine Handbook’ 

AAFP CGHI Advisory Board

Completed Fulbright Specialist Scholar assignments in primary care in Thailand.

Report: THAI 2-18

Report: CHINA 18

Report: TAN 5-18

GHT Newsletter Vol 6 2018